Getting started

What is design system

Design system is collect design values (how we design), voice and tone (how we speak with users), UI components and patterns (with what user interact) that should/could be reused across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android). This not static library this live organism that should change depends of business and customer needs.

Why we need design system

For user:

  • Сreate a consistent experience for the customer, we can reduce the cognitive load created when switching from a mobile app experience to a desktop browser experience.

For business:

  • Speed up design and development process

  • Avoid debates about UI elements and focus on user problems that we solve

  • Decrease time in QA

Design values


A consistent product implements familiar standards and paradigms by using system-provided interface elements, well-known icons, standard text styles, and uniform terminology. The product incorporates features and behaviors in ways people expect.


We’re focused when it comes to both design and functionality. Our work should speak boldly and clearly to this focus.

Iterative design

Design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process.